Apollo 11 moon landing


Commemorating the moon landing of the Apollo 11 on July the 20th 1969 this stunning town and country design was the last Zippo lighter manufactured using the T&C imprint process made available to the public.

Although other T&C lighters were produced later they were only for private advertisers.

This one is done on a 1968 Zippo as Zippo used existing stock to create them. It has a solid Rayon block as opposed to Rayon balls in the insert. This is my second, enamel intact, Town and Country. Again most proud. It came with a blocked flint tube as it had been owned by a collector who never fired it. If a flint is left too long it will corrode! I immediately remedied this as I collect to use. It has now been fired and I am using it as I write this... :-)

Please see here for my guide on clearing a blocked flint tube.

I hunted down one as a matter of urgency as I figure this lighter will go up in value quite substantially on July the 20th 2019. All the 50 year commemorative TV programmes will have everyone talking Apollo 11.

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