Here are some useful links for dating your Zippo.

Dating Pre Coded Zippos

Moonlight Zippo (Dating Regular)

Outside Hinge Laboratory OKZIPPO

The Earliest Zippos 1933 to 1936

The History of Zippo Lighters, Zippo Collectable, Zippo Lighter,

Town and country designs

The passionate wick (town and country)

Andy's Zippo collection

Zippo collection (Paul's Zippo collection)

Zippo (a burning desire)

ZippoCollect - dating

ZippoCollect - Catalogues


New to collecting?

Buyer beware, do not believe the seller (unless a respected collector.) I have seen many examples of sellers falsely claiming a Zippo's manufactured date on well known commerce sites. They justify their false claims saying they are no expert! Selling a Zippo as thirties for example(very rare and worth likely four figures,) when it is only worth two figures! It is a practise I wish the commerce sites would endeavor to prevent via seller guidelines, it is a false claim after all! To them I say here, protect your buyers, trust is important. If the seller is no expert, who are they to date it as the most expensive?


Feeling rich? :-) here is an actual thirties Zippo;

Worlds Most Expensive Zippo